24 Hour Social Media Campaign!

A Quick Experiment in Social Media

I recently started posting presentations at SlideShare.com, a great site for viewing presentations that draws 60 million visitors a month! You’ll see examples of case studies where I conduct a social media experiment, then report the results of what works and what doesn’t. It’s a practical approach to teaching social media that I hope you’ll enjoy!

Here’s a quick experiment I did with only 5 Twitter tweets in 24 hours along with 1 post on Facebook and  another on Google+. This short campaign generated 153 click-throughs to view my presentation, Social Media in 3D, and garnered 163,000 impressions for a total of 238 views in just 48 hours.

I often hear from friends in the design and building community, “I’ve got a great website, but I can’t get people to come see it.”  Here’s how I’m using social media and ‘content marketing’ to drive views to websites, blogs and photo collections.

You can view all my social media case studies on SlideShare.
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